Cures that you’re not supposed to know are cures


I said in one of my videos that I’ve shared with you that people will just have to get sick of hearing me talk about health and right eating because I’m not letting up. In fact, since yet ANOTHER death occurred to an acquaintance of mine who was only in his early 50’s, I’m even more energized to ramp up my messages.

Cancer symptoms ARE curable by plant-based, super foods! By the same token, there are many damaging foods that when eaten contribute to the inability of the body to fight off cancerous cells. Why don’t you believe this when so much evidence points in that direction? Or if you do believe it, I’m very curious to know if you’re taking serious efforts to change your lifestyle–eating, exercise and sleep habits.

I’m also curious to hear your opinion of where you think all those millions of dollars are going when people donate to cancer foundations and other organizations like them, when those organizations KNOW cures are out there, yet continue to raise money under the pretense of “searching for cures.” Please share your response with me in private as I continue to compile information for various publications.


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You will be amazed!

‘Tis the season to be gluttonous…Not!


The wonderful end-of-the-year holidays are upon us. You know what that means, right? Yep, multiple invitations to get-togethers where food is generally the main attraction. Don’t let bad food decisions overshadow the rich traditions of the holiday celebrations. Instead, take a moment and plan ahead so you can be wise in your decisions.

1) Decide before you go what  you are going to eat and not going to eat
2) Offer to contribute to the menu and prepare something healthy
3) Take a good honest look at the type of events you are invited to and determine if they are helpful or detrimental to your well-being
4) Consider hosting or organizing events of your own where you can showcase and teach others about healthy eating

Now is the time to really look at some of the traditions you’ve come to love. Chances are, the activities involved don’t love your body’s organs. YOU have the capacity to change that. Do the right thing!

The Affordable Health Care Act (ACA)

Part 7 of a 7-part series
Exemptions Galore!

General exemptions from non-compliance penalties

According to the Affordable Health Care Act website (, you may qualify for an exemption from ACA insurance plans if you are:

  1. Uninsured for less than 3 months of the year;
  2. At an income level whereas the lowest-priced coverage available to you would cost more than 8% of your household income;
  3. Exempt from filing a tax return because your income is too low;
  4. A member of a federally recognized tribe or eligible for services through an Indian Health Services provider;
  5. A member of a recognized health care sharing ministry;
  6. A member of a recognized religious sect with religious objections to insurance, including Social Security and Medicare;
  7. Incarcerated and not awaiting the disposition of charges against you; and
  8. Not lawfully present in the U.S.

There are other types of exemptions as well that fall under the title of “hardship.” For instance, if your income is less than 133% of the federal poverty level, you will be relieved of the non-compliance penalty. Here is a list of those qualified exemptions.

Hardship Exemptions from non-compliance penalties

You may qualify for a hardship exemption if you:

  1. Are homeless;
  2. Were evicted in the past 6 months or were facing eviction or foreclosure;
  3. Received a shut-off notice from a utility company;
  4. Recently experienced domestic violence;
  5. Recently experienced the death of a close family member;
  6. Experienced a fire, flood, or other natural or human-caused disaster that caused substantial damage to your property;
  7. Filed for bankruptcy in the last 6 months;
  8. Have medical expenses you haven’t been able to pay in the last 24 months;
  9. Experienced unexpected increases in necessary expenses due to caring for an ill, disabled, or aging family member;
  10. Claim a child who’s been denied coverage in Medicaid and CHIP as a tax dependent, and another person is required by court order to give medical support to that child. If this is the case, you do not have to pay the penalty for the child;
  11. Won an eligibility appeals decision and are now eligible for: enrollment in a qualified health plan (QHP) through the Marketplace; lower costs on your monthly premiums; or cost-sharing reductions for a time period when you weren’t enrolled in a QHP through the Marketplace; and
  12. Are ineligible for Medicaid because your state didn’t expand eligibility for Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act.

Exemption Loopholes

Let’s face it, the minute laws are passed, there are clever strategies put in place by dishonest individuals seeking to avoid those laws. Consider hardship exemption number three. A person could delay payment to their utility company, receive a shut-off notice, pay their bill before their service is disconnected, and use the shut-off notice to apply for a hardship exemption.

Right now, neither utility shut-off notices nor service interruptions affect a person’s credit score. One could only imagine though that if tons of people begin using and abusing this exemption opportunity, Congress would perhaps pass a law requiring utility companies to report all shut-off notices to the credit bureau.

Then there’s exemption number eight. A person could go to the doctor or hospital, incur a medical expense not covered by insurance, and not pay it. Sure, this would affect that person’s credit score, but how would the federal government determine if that person’s reason for nonpayment was actually due to financial inability? Will they begin assessing tax returns or audit one’s household cash flow for the previous two years?

Where does it all end?

In conclusion, regulation often begets more regulation. Has the current administration already considered all the possible scams that will arise to avoid ACA penalties? Are more regulations already underway to penalize people for avoiding the penalties?

The ACA, as it stands today, cannot possibly be a complete legislation simply due to the necessity of staying ahead of fraudulent acts like the few examples covered here. There would have to be a massive expansion in federal government employment to properly monitor the tremendous amount of ever-changing rules and regulations for over 316 million Americans! Oh well, that would be a good start to lowering the unemployment rate.

Your “food clock” should run backwards

“Food clock” is a little fun name for metabolic clock–related to your biological clock. It’s simply changing what you eat, when you eat, and how you eat so that your metabolism will speed up. Your clock then runs backwards restoring and rejuvenating ever cell in your body until you look and feel vibrant well into your centennial years.

In this video, I speak about the wonders that eating a raw, plant-based,  super foods diet has done for my body.

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