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At Law Of Raw Institute For Balanced Healthy Living, we pride ourselves in not only bringing awareness to the ever-changing issues that matter to you—mainly health, relationships, family, and finances—but also providing the tools to help you evolve. Those tools consist of products, publications, learning paths, and a vibrantly growing like-minded community with whom to collaborate.

Here, you’ll find healthy recipes, products to enhance healing, vegan stores, and step-by-step guidance on transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle.

You’ll also find programs that help build or strengthen your financial health. Learn how to budget, accelerate debt reduction, pay fewer taxes, and invest in business real estate to build generational wealth.

You’ll find a new and sexy way of investing that protects your wealth for your family’s future, while at the same allowing you a heap of living benefits when you’re alive and need it most.

When your “later becomes now,” you’ll find just what you need to help make the unimaginable bearable. Through resources for estate planning, downsizing, and elder care needs, we’ve got your back, so you don’t have to venture down that path alone.

Finally, although we possess tons of experience in a host of areas, we’re new at bringing it all to this resource table as the most proficient way to serve you. Therefore, please be patient with us when you find links not yet linking, as certain resources are not yet sources. We’re getting there inch by inch!

In the meantime, if there’s a question you may have or a health-related topic you’d like covered, drop us a line and let us know.

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Our Founder

Terri Eileen Liggins, MJ, MBA

I have been a ghostwriter since 2000, writing primarily autobiographies for public figures, local celebrities, and ordinary people with extraordinary stories of victory over life’s setbacks. I’ve also blogged for a billion-dollar online retail company and managed proposals written to secure multi-million-dollar government contracts.

What led me to an entrepreneurial writing career was a heart attack in November 1999, at the young age of 40, bringing my 19-year Corporate America stint to a screeching halt. Shortly thereafter, came a diagnosis of a chronic auto-immune disease called sarcoidosis.

In 2012, after years of searching for relief from sarcoidosis, I was introduced to a raw food lifestyle. Eating 100% plant-based, uncooked and unprocessed foods allowed me to kick that disease to the curb in just 7 days! I’ve been enjoying a 90% raw-vegan regimen and disease-free lifestyle ever since.

January 2020, marked another milestone, career-wise. With my mustard-seed faith, my MBA and law school acumen, my love for research, and my passion for seeing people live disease-free, I switched gears from ghostwriting to book- writing coach so I could spend more time advocating for others regarding bioethics issues, patient advocacy, elder-care and caregivers’ rights.

It has remained a long-term goal of mine to educate the world—particularly baby boomers—about mastering their healthiest self. Inch by inch, this is being done through food-prep demonstrations, video instruction, and resources via The Law of Raw Institute for Balanced Healthy Living.

Also, to fulfill my passion for journaling, I host journaling retreats in the U.S. and abroad. Check out where we’re heading on our next soul-searching venture of Writing Out The Storm.

Finally, since writing will never really leave my blood, I’m hosting Master Your Masterpiece, an 8-week book-writing program, and online writing courses to guide individuals in writing their own stories.

My guilty pleasures? Hanging out with my two adult children who live at opposite ends of the state of California and going to tasty vegan restaurants with friends. Also, spending an entire day in solitude organizing photo albums or decluttering storage spaces in the home seems to be a weird form of meditation for me.

Let’s stay connected! Check out my newsletters, blogs, or email me at Terri@law-raw.com.

Blessings, peace & peas to you!

Terri, aka T-Raw

Get your RAW on! R-reach A-and W-win.  

Meet Our Team

Skye Shepard

Skye Shepard

Creative Director

It’s my joy to guide people into their purpose! Social media is my speciality! I also love my dog, Bambi, traveling the world, my family, friends, yoga, and of course, brownies.

Anna Ramos

Anna Ramos

Executive Assistant

“When given the choice between being right or being kind, choose kind.”

Nichelle Bigbee

Nichelle Bigbee

Comm. Specialist

I enjoy communicating with others to reach a common goal. I love my husband and son Porter. In my spare time, I love converting S.A.D recipes into vegan wonders!

Mae Agduma

Mae Agduma

Social Media Asst.

I never stop learning new things. Personally and professionally! I love supporting breastfeeding moms. My interests are: psychology and property management.

Meet Our Advisors

Toni Johnson, MD

Toni Johnson, MD

Director of Graduate Medical Education

Chef Keidi Awadu

Chef Keidi Awadu

Int'l Clinical Nutritionist, Raw Food Chef & Speaker

Joel Salomon

Joel Salomon

Prosperity Coach and Hedge Fund Owner

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