Terri Liggins, MJ, MBA


I couldn’t always refer to myself as “healthy” until I sought the truth about food in America–the ugly, the bad, and the amazingly good!


 Terri Liggins has been a ghostwriter for over 17 years. She primarily writes autobiographies for ordinary people with extraordinary stories of victory over life’s setbacks, i.e. lack, abuse, drugs, betrayal, illnesses and financial ruin. Her expertise extends to blogging for a billion dollar online retail company and writing government contract proposals, as well.She is also a published author and owner of The Literary Front Publishing Company.  Since 2000, Terri has become a health advocate searching for healthier food alternatives following a serious illness due to a chronic auto-immune disease (sarcoidosis). In 2012, she embraced a raw food lifestyle (90% of what she consumes is raw, plant-based, uncooked and unprocessed) and kicked that 12-year-long disease to the curb in just 7 days! She has enjoyed dynamic health ever since.
With undergrad studies in Journalism, Communications and Business, an MBA in Entrepreneurial Leadership, and a Master’s of Jurisprudence degree in Health Law, Terri combines her business acumen with her writing skills to share about the ongoing advances in health and wellness and to prove that food is nature’s most perfect medicine. Especially following the deaths of five of her close friends who were just in their 50’s (all of them at or near her same age) due to various cancers, one of Terri’s goals in life is to educate the world—particularly baby boomers—about the power of eating a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables. She does this at The Law & Raw Institute for Balanced Healthy Living.

In her spare time, Terri fulfills her passion for journaling and helping others understand the benefits of this writing therapy, by hosting journaling workshops. The workshops are designed to help individuals obtain the highest level of health in spirit, mind, and body. Her knowledge-packed sessions, in person and via videos, have been attended and enjoyed by many, prompting her to turn the one-day workshops into weekend retreats. Stay tuned for Writing Out The Storm for the development of that and other retreats!

Terri can be contacted at www.followterri.com or terri@TheLiteraryFront.com

Get your RAW on! R-reach A-and W-win.