The Law Of Raw Institute For Balanced Healthy Living

To heighten the awareness of all individuals (particularly African American Female Baby Boomers) about how a raw, plant-based dietary lifestyle helps to decrease America’s epidemic of diseases and premature deaths attributed to poor nutrition.

Caregiver Virtual Meetup

From the foods we eat, to the chemicals used in our homes and on our bodies, the soil our food is grown in and even down to the air we breathe, our health is under attack.

An estimated 15 million to 25 million Baby Boomers currently provide some type of informal and unpaid care to aging and/or ailing relatives and friends. Sadly, due to factors such as stress, isolation, lack of employment, financial burden and poor nutrition, these caregivers are increasingly susceptible to health issues of their own and even early death. I’ve formed a group. We’re that shoulder to cry on, or that resource to gain from. We journal, we talk, we heal. Click the button to join us.

Health Hacks

From the foods we eat, to the chemicals used in our homes and on our bodies, the soil our food is grown in and even down to the air we breathe, our health is under attack.

Because there’s so much around us we can’t control, we have to be vigilant about what we put into our digestive system. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), micro-nutrient deficiencies, including vitamin deficiencies caused by an unhealthy diet and malnutrition (starvation) lead to numerous diseases.

The medical information I’ve researched proves you can eliminate stress, acute and chronic illnesses, the flu, colds, digestive disorders, hormone-related issues, high blood pressure, weight gain, diabetes, the risk of heart disease and many maladies by simply controlling what and how you eat.

I offer raw remedies, tips, tricks & gadgets to help you stay well. I also keep you informed on what health-related legislation is passing in our government so you’ll know what’s being passed onto your plate.

Products for Optimum Health

 WE  are our OWN healthcare system!

Be careful putting all your eggs in the baskets held by the Affordable Health Care Act, doctors, insurance companies and Big Pharma. You are more beneficial to them sick than you are well. Therefore, WE must become our own healthcare system.

How? Through proper maintenance of our body with a strategy that consists of proper exercise and rest; whole, unprocessed foods; whole, plant-based supplements, as well as detoxification.

When you preserve your health you preserve your wealth. That’s what I’m doing. See how I did it in my new book: Get Your RAW On: Reach And Win your transition to a healthier you.

Check out the whole, plant-based products I have chosen to supply my body with the vitamins and minerals not produced within: Dick Gregory’s Signature Line of EPXBody Products.

Raw Recipes

The food HAS to taste good–and it does!

Gathered from various sources, I’m very excited about the wonderful quick and easy recipes that have helped me sustain my 90% raw regime since August 2012. Symptoms and other health challenges I’d dealt with for years disappeared in just seven days of going raw!

The food is delicious! Ninety-nine percent of the Raw Recipes here are ones I’ve made myself. That’s how I know YOU can make them, too. Most of the recipes come from Chef Keidi Awadu’s wonderful repertoire in this two books, Living Superfood Recipes and Living Superfoods Recipes Volume II. Check him out at

My Videos

“If I can do this, you can too!”

Anyone who knows me, knows about my life-long aversion to cooking. I dreaded it immensely. It bored me to no end. Since becoming a born again raw foodist–which means in preparing living super foods NO COOKING is involved–I now happily visit my kitchen on a regular basis!

Check out my V-blogs, videos I’ve made of me making tasty dishes, conducting detoxification fasts, hosting workshops for wellness therapy and so much more. I record my efforts to help others because, “if I can do this…”

About Our Health.

I love to write about health matters to help individuals get healthy and stay healthy–or better yet, prevent illness and disease in the first place. Come along on my blogging journey. It’s an ever-changing road of discovery!

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