Day 7 Nutritional Tip: Juice daily to take in lots of nutrients.

Green juicing is best for weight reduction because it increases the amount of oxygen needed for your body’s metabolism to function at its optimum level.

Kale or spinach are the best greens for juicing. With either you can take a short cut and save time by buying them from Costco or Walmart (no judgment, pls) in a large bag already cut up and washed.You can’t go wrong when there’s only one ingredient listed on the nutritional label!

In my juices and smoothies, I use a wonderful whole food protein shake mix to boost my veggie, fruit, berries & grain intake for the day by 100%. The product has been backed by board certified physicians and medical professionals for almost 30 years.

Here’s what they are saying:…/reduce-oxidative-stress……/effects-of-whole-food-n……/take-ownership-of-your-…

​Leave a comment if you have any questions or  want to know more about the product I use!

Love & RAWspect,
Terri, aka T-RAW

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