Hi, and thank you for venturing here! Here’s a little background on my book, Get Your RAW On!

I am very excited about this book I’ve written about my new way of eating. I started journaling when I first went “raw” because journaling comes so natural to me. I like to capture experiences in my life that I would otherwise have no way of remembering later down the road.

One such experience of mine was a heart attack I suffered at age 40. Talk about a wake-up call! Following six months of tests, scans, biopsies, and 15 different medications prescribed by three different medical specialists, the diagnosis slapped on my condition was sarcoidosis. It is an auto-immune disorder that affects the tissue anywhere it choses in the body. For me, it was the tissue (lymph nodes) in my lungs. 

At that point, I began improving my diet, knowing that my lifestyle of hard work, little sleep, and poor eating habits–all while playing the roles of wife, mother, employee, family organizer-and-everything-elser–contributed to that situation. I researched a lot and grew passionate about helping people to become more aware of their health.

I used my faith to declare my healing and to learn the right steps to take. I refused to take anymore medications and surprisingly (or not) my symptoms began clearing.

I did my best to modify my diet–eliminating red meat, starches and quite a bit of sugar. However, my findings were limited (at least my findings on the truth about foods) and sarcoidosis showed its ugly head every now and then because I continued to eat pretty bad (but delicious!) foods. Over the course of 12 years, I still suffered symptoms of shortness of breath, sharp chest pains, swollen ankles and other minor nuances from time to time.

Then one day I discovered eating raw…

I was intrigued by the facts shared with me by award-winning raw food chef, Chef Keidi Awadu, about how certain foods plain and simply destroy our bodies. I was never a vegetarian or a vegan and here I was learning about something that was on a more advanced hierarchy of eating than those two. I knew I didn’t have time to waste if I wanted to achieve optimum health once and for all. 

So raw it was for me! That meant eliminating foods that are cooked–as in fried, baked, broiled, boiled, bbq’d, sauteed, nuked, steamed, wok’ed, or otherwise. That meant getting rid of my microwave. What???

I never thought I could change my way of eating that drastically, but I did.

I drew a line in the sand and never looked back. My health has never been better, perhaps in ALL my life (because I was a pretty sickly child)!

Along my journey, many people kept asking me about my experience. How did I go cold turkey like that, eating one way on one day and a drastically different way the very next day? How do I shop or prepare food to keep me on this path? How do I keep from being bored with raw stuff? (That question comes from those who have obviously never eaten Chef Keidi’s fabulously delicious raw living super food meals. Umm Umm!)

Instead of continuing to answer these same questions for a few people, I decided to put it all in a book so that the information can help many. The book is not quite finished, but I’ve started marketing it now. Many of you have been asking about it for so long that I didn’t want you to think I was never going to complete it (it’s just that unfortunately, my own books take a backseat my client’s books that I write).

So, please order Get Your RAW On! NOW and be a little patient until it arrives in your hands. I appreciate YOU so much! Just as 3John2 states in the Bible, would love to see you prosper in your body, as your soul (mind) prospers.

Rawfully yours,

Terri (T’Eileen)

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