She and I often talked about our dreams and plans of growing old together…

Too many loved ones leave us at the demise of CANCER and other vicious diseases. While the pain of their absence is sometimes unbearable, we must use the energy from that pain to spur us on. We must use the knowledge, time and resources available to us to create a better outcome for others. 

Let’s keep raising our family members’ and friends’ awareness about healthy eating. There was so much we didn’t know before about the chemicals, toxins, artificial components, additives and such put into our foods, but now it IS known. Don’t ignore the signs, the warnings, the urging by advocates to adopt a smarter way of living. 

Don’t leave your loved ones too early to suffer the pain of your loss. Now that we have some answers, let’s keep asking the questions. Questions that demand changes from the legislators, the medical & pharmaceutical industries, the manufacturers and other empowering agencies until they stop treating us like guinea pigs and start treating us with the highest respect known to humanity!

Rest well, my friend. You and so many other deceased loved ones keep the fire burning in my belly to create healthier footprints for future generations to follow in. 

As you view the photos that reveal her dynamic spirit, click on the accompanying video below to hear this wonderful song that I happened upon online. 

Virginia Ann Earley Johnson. July 20, 1959 – March 23, 2011. Fought a quick courageous battle with pancreatic cancer. 

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