This recipe is compliments of my wonderful friend, Carol Eastburg.


Here’s what you need:
1 C. rolled oats
2/3 C. chopped pecans
1/2 C. sprouted sunflower seeds
1/4 C. sprouted sesame seeds
1/4 C. carob powder
1/2 C. raw honey

Here’s what you do:
Combine first four ingredients in a bowl and set aside.

Pour honey into a deep, submersible container. I use a two-cup wet  measuring glass, which I’ve pre-heated with very hot water. I “hook” the  measuring cup handle so the cup is hanging inside a bowl with boiling water. (Having the honey warmed makes it easier to combine the dry ingredients – something I figured out during the trial batch!)

Put the carob powder in with the honey and mix well. A small whisk works beautifully.

Transfer the honey mixture into a large metal bowl and if you need to warm it again, place bottom of the bowl in a sink full of boiling hot water (careful not to get any water in the mixture).

Pour the dry ingredients into the metal bowl and use a spoon and/or a hand to make sure it is combined thoroughly.

Pour the mixture out onto a piece of wax paper and press it down and out until it’s about half an inch thick. Place a piece of wax paper on top and use a rolling pin to roll out to a consistent thickness. Make it as close to a square or rectangle as you can (use a flat edge (knife or whatever utensil will do the job) get the edges straight/even.

Place in the freezer while you clean up. Take out of the freezer and cut into desired size pieces.

Place in an airtight container separate by sheets of wax paper or parchment paper and refrigerate what’s left.  😉

*Flavoring options:
         Cayenne pepper
         Cinnamon (ground)
         Peppermint oil
         Orange oil
         Your favorite flavor

*Add to honey/carob mixture before adding dry ingredients

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