Funny how RAW spelled backwards is WAR. Boy, have I been at war since going raw!

I didn’t know I was inviting a war when I decided to start eating healthier, but I should’ve seen it coming. Anytime someone steps outside their comfort zone to make a change for the better—ridding excess weight, making more money, etc.—friction is bound to happen.

First of all, my flesh waged war against my spirit, telling me things like it should be okay to have just one slice of pizza, or just one more Protein Burger for old time’s sake (that’s a hamburger without the bun from the un-publicized menu of In and Out Burger).

Secondly, my ego waged war against my intellect insisting that since I’m neither obese nor diagnosed with diabetes or cancer that I’m a fairly healthy person. Can’t I just be thankful for that and keep living life as is? Some people eat much worse than I and they keep on tickin’.  

Finally, other people waged war against my character, belittling me as the bad guy. Yes, I’m the bad guy for “forcing knowledge on them” that will save lives. Meanwhile, America’s big businesses—who normalize junk foods, fast foods and processed foods for the sake of the almighty dollar—are heralded as having our best interest at heart. Go figure.

Well, I plan to live life and live it abundantly. In order to do so, I must make choices that are unpopular with most people but necessary to me.

I’m loving where my life is taking me right now. I’m loving my new choices. Oh, and by the way, the foods I’m currently eating? They are super delicious!!

Who said rawtarians eat boring salads, nuts and seeds?

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