Introduction: Raw Intelligence
One day, we may really grasp the truth of this …
and that truth shall make us free!!

When I started this raw food journey, I was just finishing my second master’s degree program—this one in Health Law. I was immersed in health care information: the administrative side of it; the legislative side of it; the financial side of it; the medical personnel side of it; the information technology side of it; and the ethics side of it. All those lectures and all my research opened my eyes wide. Hence, I felt there were three important personal decisions I needed to make. That is, if I considered myself an intelligent person—which I did, and do.

My first decision dealt with hospitals:
I needed to stay out of them at all cost!

In 2011, at the beginning of my second year of that master’s program, I spent several days as a patient in ICU. I went to the ER with excruciating chest pains and difficulty breathing due to a sarcoidosis episode. While the medical staff watched my oxygen levels in ICU, I “interviewed” my nurses. I received a firsthand account, from a new perspective, of the troubled state of our nation’s hospital system.

Barely 24 hours after I was released from the hospital, my best friend of 38 years died from pancreatic cancer in a hospital a thousand miles away. Her doctor admitted that he misdiagnosed her illness until it was too late to save her. I didn’t get to see her before she died. Worse than that, I was her Medical Power of Attorney, yet I was not there prior to the surgery to either help her decide or to act on her behalf. The very surgery from which she never recovered could’ve possibly been avoided.

I’m not sure if I’ve forgiven myself yet for not being there for her. If I had taken better care of myself by eating better I would not have been confined. I cannot be useful to anyone when stuck in a hospital bed—not to my children, my friends or my family. I vowed to never again be stuck in a hospital bed.

My second decision also dealt with hospitals:
I needed to teach others to stay out of them!

I had just learned in my law studies that according to a 2000 IOM (Institute of Medicine) Report, as many as 98,000 people die in any given year from preventable medical errors that occur in hospitals. That’s more than the number of people who die from motor vehicle accidents, breast cancer, or AIDS— three causes that receive far more public attention! As one must presume, that number is higher today.

Thus, two of my major papers written towards my degree dealt with hospitals. The first paper was entitled, Our U.S. Health Care System’s New ICU: Intrinsic Castration of the Underserved. My final thesis expounded on that theme. It was entitled, Racial Disparities in U.S. Health Care Demands Competency and Legislative Repair.

If people don’t want to believe the things I talk and write about, I’m okay with that. However, they should believe what the experts say (which in essence is who I’m quoting when I’m talking and writing). By experts, I mean people like medical scientists, bio-chemists, biomedical engineers and researchers, clinical professors, certified nutritionists, naturopathic specialists, as well as progressively thinking physicians and other clinicians.

So, when the experts say the cure is not in the meds but in the foods we eat, why is there still disbelief among the people? I read an article by a nurse of over 22 years who served in various countries and capacities. She’s a best-selling author who has conducted numerous TV and radio interviews. She states that hospitals are lacking a fundamental component to ensure a better healthcare model: the use of nutritious living foods to supplement and enhance the healing of those within the hospital’s care.

If experts are saying that nutrition belongs in the hospitals, why aren’t patients holding their hospitals accountable to that end, instead of allowing themselves to be fed the same damaging food that got them in there in the first place? I ask this question from an intelligence standpoint, all the while realizing most people relate subconsciously to food from an emotional standpoint. The very food that should be avoided causes brain-derived neurotrophic activity; disallowing the wise decision to avoid it.

My third decision dealt with my diet and exercise:
I needed to improve them!

I had already been writing health newsletters/blogs since 2001. My first newsletter was called Three Step Healing. It focused on pairing up knowledge of supernatural healing with the practical steps needed to ensure wellness. Back then, I knew nothing about eating a plant-based diet, but I wrote often about cutting certain things out of one’s diet, like sugars, caffeine, additives, etc.

In July 2012, I suffered another sarcoidosis episode and didn’t tell anyone about it. Over the past 12 years of dealing with that horrible chronic disease, that flare-up ranked rather high on the pain scale. Chest pains on and off, shortness of breath, swollen ankles; I had it all. I stuck to my vow of not going to a hospital, though, and instead just prayed for relief. After a day or so, the pain subsided.

About a month later, I was introduced to the idea of eating raw, plant-based foods with live enzymes. Talk about an answered prayer! (For a full account of how it all transpired see MY TESTIMONY.)

So, RAW it was for me. I had learned the science behind the molecular structural damage that occurs to the cells in our body due to the heating process of foods. I had learned about the toxic additives of GE (genetically engineered) food and GMOs (genetically modified organisms), whereby genes from one organism are introduced into the DNA of another organism to resist pathogens and herbicides. I had learned how those additives are causing death and disease to our global population at an alarming rate.

Then I learned how plant-based food consumption rescues me from all of that. I learned that in eating this way I’m fighting disease at the orthomolecular level.

Most importantly, I learned to make intelligent—not emotional—choices about eating. In doing so, I’m not denying myself anything, but granting myself ALL the benefits that a rejuvenated body has to offer.
I got sick and tired of being sick and tired so I drew a line in the sand. I chose RAW: to Reach And Win! I know you can do the same to acquire your disease-free, rejuvenated body!

“We have lost an entire generation health-wise…with 35 diseases tied to GE crops.”
—Dr. Don Huber, Purdue University

“Sufficient research on GE foods has been completed enough to conclude that GE foods are an explicit danger to human health, the living ecology of the planet and the literal survival of the species. Approximately 62 nations have already banned or mandated labeling of GE foods—wake up, America, let’s take action!”

—Gabriel Cousens, MD, founder of the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center in Patagonia, Arizona


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Rawfully yours,
Terri  (T’Eileen)

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