I said in one of my videos that I’ve shared with you that people will just have to get sick of hearing me talk about health and right eating because I’m not letting up. In fact, since yet ANOTHER death occurred to an acquaintance of mine who was only in his early 50’s, I’m even more energized to ramp up my messages.

Cancer symptoms ARE curable by plant-based, super foods! By the same token, there are many damaging foods that when eaten contribute to the inability of the body to fight off cancerous cells. Why don’t you believe this when so much evidence points in that direction? Or if you do believe it, I’m very curious to know if you’re taking serious efforts to change your lifestyle–eating, exercise and sleep habits.

I’m also curious to hear your opinion of where you think all those millions of dollars are going when people donate to cancer foundations and other organizations like them, when those organizations KNOW cures are out there, yet continue to raise money under the pretense of “searching for cures.” Please share your response with me in private as I continue to compile information for various publications.


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