The wonderful end-of-the-year holidays are upon us. You know what that means, right? Yep, multiple invitations to get-togethers where food is generally the main attraction. Don’t let bad food decisions overshadow the rich traditions of the holiday celebrations. Instead, take a moment and plan ahead so you can be wise in your decisions.

1) Decide before you go what  you are going to eat and not going to eat
2) Offer to contribute to the menu and prepare something healthy
3) Take a good honest look at the type of events you are invited to and determine if they are helpful or detrimental to your well-being
4) Consider hosting or organizing events of your own where you can showcase and teach others about healthy eating

Now is the time to really look at some of the traditions you’ve come to love. Chances are, the activities involved don’t love your body’s organs. YOU have the capacity to change that. Do the right thing!

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