Remember the good ole’ days of early Saturday morning Tom & Jerry? The Road Runner? Bugs Bunny and his gang? And it wouldn’t be complete without a big ole box of Fruit Loops, Cap’n Crunch, and oh, we can’t forget everyone’s fav: Frosted Flakes with Tony the Tiger. Why? Because he’s Grrrrrrrrreat! Not!

Sorry, Tony, but I’m now onto your game. You and the others are just wolves in sheep’s clothing, preying on small children and UNinformed adults. You know you wrong. Hanging out on the eye-level shelves in every store, and even at the ends of the aisle–with all those bright, inviting colors on your box. You’re just grinning as kids are grabbing you or if they’re locked up in the cart, they’re acting a fool crying and screaming for you. Shame on you: Tony, you silly wabbit, Scubby, Fred & Barney, Cap’n, you lil’ ol’ leprechaun, and others! 

Even some adults act a fool over CEREAL. Yes, I loved me some cereal. Ate it any time of day. Years ago, I saw an interview with Barbra Streisand, where she said she didn’t cook. So on the days her private cook isn’t at her house she and James Brolin eat cereal and ice cream. I said, “Yes! I knew there was another reason I loved her.” (Remember, I did say that was years ago. I would NOT be cheering on those choices today.)  

Then one day, I read some stuff and found out the TRUTH and it set me FREE! I found out cereal is one of the biggest scams by food manufacturers our country has ever known! Word!

We were ALL hoodwinked on this zero-nutritional household staple, thanks to those Sat morning commercials. I remember when my children were young, my very close girlfriend (whom I shall leave nameless, so she can save face) had seven–that’s 7– boxes of different cereals in her pantry at any given time for her and her two children! 

Even the so-called “healthy” cardboard tasting grown-up cereals I graduated to in the recent years are far from natural and good for you. The ingredients holding those clusters together sometimes have more sugar content than what Count Chocula serves up! That’s why they are potentially worse for your body than junk cereal. Sure, they contain more high-protein grains, but those grains have been ultra-processed.

Information about the dangers of cereals is all around us, yet folks are still hooked on it big time–sometimes to the tune of $5 and $6 per box! I’ll have to write more about these dangers in my next book. In the meantime, read about it yourself here and promise to your body you’ll honor it more and make some changes.  http://www.rd.com/slideshows/healthy-cereal-makes-you-fat/ 


Well, the other morning, with my hankerin’ for cereal, I created my own. I found some yellowish pellets in the fridge. I knew it was something Keidi had hydrated but wasn’t sure what. I smelled it to make sure it wasn’t turning into a science project (that happens often in our fridge full of non-preservative packed goodies). It passed the test; I used it as a base. I later found out those tiny yellow puffy pellets were a type of bulgur wheat–referred to as white or light bulgar. 

My little creation was sooo good that I had it a second morning with slightly different ingredients. It is so easy to be creative AND healthy at the same time!

Ok, click the image to see what’s in this new cereal of mine. 

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