​So, you’ve decided to eat healthier. Whoohoo! Perhaps you’re starting with cutting out meats for at least two or three times a week. Great job! Now, suddenly people bombard you with questions as though you’ve created the cardinal sin of all sins. After all, you have! You are depriving your body of proteins! Ugh!!

Heaven forbid, child, where will you get your proteins from if you don’t eat meat? Oh my! You horribly ignorant thing, you. You’re not getting any proteins! Hurry, eat this triple-decker beef and bacon samich!

If people could only take two mins and read this post (okay, maybe five mins), they will realize that question about proteins should never ever again enter their brain and part from their lips. That question indicates the person asking knows nothing about the metabolic processes of the body in getting and staying healthy.

First, to back up and answer that protein question, I’ve learned through my training under Keidi Awadu and all his research and books, to ask the person THIS question: “Where does the gorilla get HIS protein from? Where does the elephant get HIS protein? Rhinos, hippos, cows, etc? They all are big strong animals who do NOT eat meat. So I’m getting my protein from the same place they get theirs: plants! I’m just cutting out the middleman, that happens to be very disruptive to the digestive system anyway.”

Our digestive tract and intestines were not created to process meat. Over time, man forced that adaptation, which is why we’re seeing the disastrous health situations today. But, that’s a whole nother topic for a whole nother day.
If people had proper knowledge of proteins–besides what the meat industry must be telling them thru advertisements–they would know that proteins are everywhere! Even in the air we breathe. Yes, you need proteins, but you’re still getting them with a whole, plant-based diet.

But, here’s what people really should be focusing on: enzymes. So, my question to you today is, where are you getting your live enzymes from? Enzymes are the power of life itself. Enzymes are living proteins that, thru biochemical and metabolic processes, can repair our DNA, transform and store our energy, balance and enhance our immune system, and so much more!!

People are destroying enzymes in their food by cooking the life out of it! Then, they’re just wasting their time and MONEY eating lifeless, disease-ridden, chemical-induced substances, full of empty calories with no enzymes. BUT, that substance DOES taste good and satisfies our emotions! This practice over time almost always leads to chronic, inflammatory and degenerative outcomes–it’s just a matter of how soon.

If you are cooking your food, you should be taking enzyme supplements! Period. Or, better yet, save your money from buying all those supplements and just eat foods with the highest amount of live enzyme content: raw foods, super foods, fermented foods, sprouted foods.

Now you’re going to complain that those foods are expensive. Once again, the focus is on the wrong thing. You are literally wasting tons more money eating food that has no nutritional value; having to pay for supplements to give you what your body really needs; and then paying thousands of dollars into the medical and pharmaceutical industry to repair the damage that the “cheaper” food caused. smh. Let that sink in for a moment.

Even pets are now getting chronic diseases at an alarming rate! I grew up with dogs in our household almost my entire childhood. I then had dogs almost my children’s entire childhood. Never did we need pet insurance nor have any pet hospital bills. Only one time in my life did I take any dog of mine to the vet (besides getting shots) and that was when one was stung by a bee on his nose and his poor little face swelled up terribly.

People, we have got to get this disease and obesity problem under control in this country! WE have the power to do it. The knowledge is here as well. Are we ready to combine both that power and knowledge with a paradigm shift (change of mindset) to see immediate positive results?

Contact me if you’d like more info. Make it a great day!

Love & RAWspect,
Terri, aka, t-RAW

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